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Open to seniors throughout Greater Boston, our outpatient health care clinics at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Boston offer a variety of services including memory evaluations, osteoporosis screenings, medical nutrition therapy, and audiology.

The Deanna and Sidney Wolk Center for Memory Health offers outpatient memory care services for people living with cognitive symptoms or disorders at any stage—and support for their families and caregivers. Outpatient services include neurology, dementia care management, counseling, and resource guidance. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 617-363-8600.

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Manage or prevent a wide variety of health concerns with our outpatient medical nutrition therapy program for older adults. Based on your needs and goals, one of our Registered Dietitians will develop individualized treatment plans to guide you on leading a healthy lifestyle or treating specific medical concerns. Schedule your one-on-one counseling session by calling 617-363-8539.

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Our Boston clinic provides screening to help detect osteoporosis before a fracture occurs, predict chances of a future fracture, and determine rate of bone loss or monitor treatment. We offer: state-of-the-art bone densitometry (BMD testing), follow-up services, and referrals for physical therapy as needed.

Our audiology clinic offers hearing testing; hearing aid fitting and follow-up; education concerning the use of proper instrumentation such as hearing aids, telephone amplifiers, and TV/movie aids; hearing rehabilitation; and follow-up care, including professional support and hearing aid modification. Prior to scheduling an appointment with us, we recommend that you visit your doctor or an otolaryngologist (an ear-nose-throat specialist) to rule out any factors, including earwax or ear infections, which may be contributing to your hearing loss. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call our Boston location at 617-363-8539 or our Dedham location at 781-234-9630.