Affordable living based on your budget.

Jack Satter House is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-subsidized senior supportive housing community. You or a member of your household must be 62 years or older to live at Jack Satter House.

Income Qualification

The local Section 8 Income Limits apply to Jack Satter House and applicants must meet specific income restrictions to be eligible for housing.

Current Federal median income limits (gross) for eligible applicants are as follows:

  1 person 2 people
Extremely low income, 30% $26,850 $30,700
Very low income, 50% $44,800 $51,200
Low income, 80% $67,400 $77,000

Resident monthly rent is calculated at 30% of monthly income less medical expenses, consistent with HUD Section 8 rental guidelines. Our staff will work with you during the application process to determine eligibility and estimate your monthly rent.

Meal Program

Jack Satter House residents are required to participate in the weeknight meal program. It provides a full-course kosher dinner and non-kosher meals, with a new variety of meal choices every day.

The cost is an additional $220 per month.