Health Care & Services

Convenient care to keep you healthy, backed by the power of Hebrew SeniorLife.

Preventive Care, Tailored to You

Jack Satter House residents can be connected to a full range of support and services that ensure continuity of health care, encourage prevention, and emphasize wellness. A full-time on-site resident services coordinator is available to help you coordinate care.

You’ll receive priority access to all Hebrew SeniorLife services including short-term rehabilitation and, if needed, long-term chronic care and medically acute care.

You have the comfort of knowing that our team is trained in the care of older adults, and serves as a safety net to look for concerns before they become a crisis.

They can always help you find and connect to any services you need, like home health, and through our award-winning Vitalize 360 program, you have access to a personal coach who can help you set goals to keep you healthy.