JSH_sub_Rosenthals.jpgHaving recently celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary, it's still evident that Jack Satter Community residents Dave and Rose Rosenthal have always been in love, starting with when they met and dated as teenagers right on Revere Beach where they now live. It was here on the boardwalk during summer evenings in the 1940s that they first met and would spend many happy evenings in each other’s company and with friends amidst the carnival rides and attractions that were the heart of Revere Beach back then.

Before they were married, Dave was called to service in WWII and lived to tell his story as a survivor of the DDay attack. Today Dave is one of the remaining veterans of that battle, an experience he related for CNN on the 75th anniversary of DDay in 2014. And when he returned, they were married and grew a family of four children in Marblehead, a close-knit community that they cherished.

Rose said that she "can’t believe I have the same kind of great relationships here at Satter that I had with my neighbors." "It's such a warm and friendly place," said Dave "and our children know we're happy and well cared for, so they’re relieved of a lot of worries. The management and the residents here at Jack Satter are like family to us," said Dave, a WWII and DDay vet. 

Rose says she marvels at the beautiful ocean view from their apartment every morning, and they are truly thankful to have come full circle back to an old favorite place and a new community that both mean so much to them.