JSH_sub_Krinksy.jpgThere's one resident of the Jack Satter House who never fails to show up at the Satter Fitness Center in the morning to put in a half hour on the step machine. At 97, Lou Krinsky has played sports all his life including basketball, handball and bowling while younger. He then learned to play tennis and was active in the sport for 30 years later in life while living in Florida.

Lou's lifelong passion for sports and fitness, as well as the fact that he says he is "a positive thinker," have helped this once disabled veteran and former combat engineer maintain his health and enjoy his life at Satter. "Living at the Jack Satter House is really a beautiful spot to be in," said Lou.

Lou endured several bouts of illness and said he worked to stay physically active at any level. Lou then began playing tennis and adapted to the use of a colostomy bag. He speaks openly to help others who are coping understand they can have an active and fulfilling life.

As a result, Lou is one of the fittest residents at Satter and a welcome sight everyday for his trainer and Satter Fitness Director Lisa Meola. And after his workout is done, he'll catch his favorite Boston sports team on television and be one of their biggest cheerleaders.