Board Chair

Jennifer and Jeffrery Drucker"My wife Jennifer and I participate in HSL's Mitzvah Program with our children, bringing meals and providing company to seniors in need of a visit at the holidays. It's part of the way we're showing our kids how important volunteer work is and that we need to give back as best we can, especially to seniors who don't have the support system that we have. Jennifer's and my parents did the same thing for us growing up, and it's a value we want to pass on to our children.

"With average life spans increasing, we'll have a much better quality of life thanks to the work being done at HSL, especially in research and training of geriatric care providers. One of the reasons that I've stayed involved is to grow the next generation of HSL supporters. This is a large and complex organization, and we need young leaders who will help us evolve, so we can continue to be a best-in-class health care and research organization.