Former Chair, Board of Directors

Andrea and Todd Finard"I remember ALWAYS seeing a huge, white, three-ring binder in the back seat of my father’s car that said Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for Aged on the spine. It looked like very important work to a nine-year-old. I love knowing that our family has spanned five generations of experience with HSL. My great-grandfather was a resident, and my children are life members - I feel very connected with my family and the larger community by keeping this tradition alive.

"HSL has added meaningful years to the lives of so many people. I believe that this organization will remain a pioneer in new methods of care for seniors, and I hope that I can continue to make a meaningful impact on that progress. I watch my wife care for her mother and father every day, and I have a profound wish that we can understand, control and eventually solve issues relating to Alzheimer's and dementia in the coming years."