Hebrew SeniorLife Hospice Care is provided by specialized multi-disciplinary teams, comprised of medical professionals, in-home aides, social workers, chaplains, volunteers, families and friends. Each member of the team is equally important for optimizing care and may assume greater or lesser roles at any given time based on patient need.


  • Certify the terminal progress
  • Assess patient needs, manages symptoms, prescribes treatment
  • Direct and approve care plans

Social Workers

  • Assess emotional, social, spiritual and financial needs of patients and their families 
  • Develop a plan of care individualized to patient needs 
  • Provide bereavement support

Spiritual Care Coordinators

  • Assess patient and patient family’s spiritual needs 
  • Work to develop plans that integrate spiritual needs into overall care plans 
  • Assist with memorial arrangements 
  • Work as liaisons with community clergy 
  • Provide spiritual counseling

Hospice Aides

  • Provide direct patient comfort care and report needs to clinical staff, including case managers 
  • Provide emotional support to patients and their families

Registered Nurses

  • Assess patient clinical needs 
  • Develop individualized patient care plans 
  • Coordinate team visits and ensure implementation of approved care plans 
  • Coordinate care with attending physicians


  • Provide companionship and support to patients and their families 
  • Provide non-medical services and respite time for caregivers and families 
  • Provide emotional support at time of death and during bereavement


  • Guidance to patient and family in anticipation of pending loss 
  • Support and friendship for grieving family members during 13 month period following death 
  • Individual counseling and group support services