Resources and Support to Help With Memory Loss

The Deanna and Sidney Wolk Center for Memory Health offers people experiencing memory loss and their families and caregivers personalized support to minimize disability and maximize well-being.

Through individualized resource coordination with local services, counseling, support groups, and caregiver education, our goal is for you to feel heard and supported. The Wolk Center is here for you along the entire journey, from initial memory concerns to end of life.

Individual and Family Counseling

Our clinicians offer psychotherapy and counseling to patients and family members struggling with the experience of memory loss. Family members and caregivers can receive care even if the person with memory loss is not a Wolk Center patient. Virtual and in-person services are available.  

Wolk Center counselors help patients and/or family members deal with a wide range of challenges, including: 

  • Patient and Family Counseling Services
  • Memory and Dementia Support Groups and Caregiver Education
  • Resources for Memory Loss, Dementia, and Alzheimers

Memory Support Groups and Caregiver Education

We offer in-person and virtual caregiver support groups, grief support groups, and caregiver support groups led by licensed clinicians. 

For individuals, families, and caregivers, we also offer seminars on subjects such as safety, finances, and legal issues; a six-week “boot camp” to train caregivers on meeting the constant challenges of providing compassionate and effective dementia care; and diverse educational resources.

Resource Coordination for Memory Loss

Resource coordination through the Wolk Center for Memory Health is a highly personalized service that goes beyond general guidance to help you build a plan that specifically addresses your preferences, needs, and circumstances, including your specific diagnosis. Through ongoing communication with our resource specialist, we can help you get what you need, when you need it, and make adjustments along the way. 

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Educational Resources on Memory Loss Topics

As a Harvard Medical School-affiliated nonprofit provider of senior care, Hebrew SeniorLife offers information to help families navigate the experience of aging. Read on to explore posts related to memory loss.

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Finding the Answers You Deserve

Diagnostic Services at the Wolk Center

If you’re concerned about signs of memory loss, cognitive problems, or behavioral changes in you or a loved one, the Wolk Center for Memory Health can provide assessment and diagnostic services. We go beyond just “whether” you have an impairment to identify “why” you are experiencing it.

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Your Quality of Life

Clinical Treatment for Dementia

 Yes, there are ways to decrease your risk of developing more advanced dementia, slow the progression of cognitive decline, and maximize your daily functioning. Learn more about our treatment offerings as well as clinical trials.

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Meet the Team

As a Wolk Center patient, you’ll benefit from a team approach. Meet the expert professionals who will collaborate on your care.

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