Exercise is Powerful Medicine

Research, including studies conducted at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, show that you can increase strength and endurance at any age. For that reason, exercise programs are an important part of our long-term chronic care services.

Supervised Gym-Based Exercises

Circle of Fitness is a supervised gym-based program for our long-term chronic care patients who are ambulatory. Experienced Circle of Fitness exercise therapists prescribe programs that combine progressive muscle strengthening with cardiovascular endurance exercises tailored to your needs and ability

Seated Muscle-Strengthening Exercises

Rubinstein Unit-Based Exercise (RUBEX) is a seated progressive muscle-strengthening exercise program designed to help restore and preserve functional strength and reduce the risk of falls. The program is delivered in a group setting right in the patient household.

Cardiovascular Exercises

The NuStepR program provides cardiovascular exercise using recumbent cross-training equipment. Patients are eligible for the NuStep program if they are able to tolerate up to 15 minutes of exercise.

Walking Groups

For patients able to walk independently who may still need encouragement to increase their level of activity, we offer a walking program. Patients who are able to walk short distances with staff supervision, using contact guard assistance as needed, one-to-two times per day are eligible.