We are committed to creating an environment that is supportive of our patients’ spiritual lives. Staffed by experienced interfaith chaplains, many of whom are also rabbis, our spiritual care team honors each individual’s cultural and religious traditions as well as the wishes of patients who don’t choose to engage in spiritual activities. This might mean working together to make each day have meaning, drawing spiritual strength from identifying and expressing deeply held values, helping affirm one’s legacy in the face of terminal illness, facing fears and sadness about aging and loss, or simply enjoying companionship.

Our spiritual care team provides:

  • Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish and American Sign Language fluency
  • Music
  • Dementia training
  • Pet therapy
  • Palliative care and hospice chaplaincy

In addition to one-on-one care, we offer regular group services that include:

  • Weekly Shabbat services on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings
  • Jewish holiday programs and services
  • Weekly visits by Roman Catholic Eucharist Ministers
  • Monthly Christian service
  • Christian holiday programs and services

Uniquely, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center is host to an accredited Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program. Over the course of each year, 20 chaplaincy students work with patients throughout Hebrew Rehabilitation Center. Students bring 4,000 hours of spiritual care to patients as they grow in their chaplaincy skills.

Chaplain sits with white-haired woman, laughing together

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Spiritual Care at Hebrew SeniorLife

Hebrew SeniorLife is a leader in spiritual care for seniors, with all of our chaplains trained in interfaith care. We also offer unique expertise in the wide range of Jewish traditions. No matter your background, Hebrew SeniorLife is here to support your spiritual needs.

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